【About Enso】

Enso is a Japanese Yakitori restaurant located at New Praya Kennedy Town which is next to the waterfront of Saiwan. A boutique restaurant with stylish design and chill vibes. The resto is divided into a bar area and a box seat area. Diners at the bar seats allow you to watch our chefs prepare up-close while you enjoy your meal, and the friendly team of staff offer curated food recommendations. Enso specialises in different parts of chicken skewers, most of the ingredients are shipped by air from Japan to Hong Kong. They offer a wide range of high quality grilled dishes such as Minced chicken Stick, Red Satsuma Chicken Wing, Chicken Neck, Chicken Tail, Beef Tongue, Wagyu Beef, Grilled Lamb Rack, and accompanied with the specially designed mock tails. Enso is definitely worth a visit!